Women in Tech: How to Navigate Challenges and Find Success

Guest Contributor: Gloria Martinez

Being a woman in the workplace can be hard. Being a woman working in tech can be even harder. Despite so many professional advances, gaps in pay, promotion and hiring still exist in the tech world. Which is why if you’re a woman in tech, you need these resources to help close those gaps, navigate hurdles and achieve success in your career:

Tools for Job Seekers 

Knowing where to look for your perfect new job is half the battle…

Tips for Current Professionals

…But understanding how to advance your career can also help. 

Advice for Women in Leadership

In addition to achieving their own goals, women in leadership roles have an opportunity to advance more women in tech. 

Whether you are looking to support your own career or your female co-workers, having a good grasp of the challenges women in tech are dealing with can be a good place to start. Then you can work to help yourself or other women overcome those challenges. In the process you can create even more opportunities for yourself and up and coming female tech workers. 

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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