Where is the time going?!?

I’ve come to realize that as you procrastinate the planning of your wedding the more you end up doing in a week’s time. I think we have something going on every other day this week to help finalize things, who knew that everyone you hire wants to meet with you 2 and 3 times before the wedding to make sure everything is perfect. We’re really not that high maintenance, thought a simple “you’re hired!” would suffice 🙂

I’m also trying to finish up some of the decorations and random items and I feel like we have random boxes of stuff spilling out of rooms because we don’t know where to put them until the wedding. I KNOW I’ll be running around like a maniac the day before the wedding, so much for a nonchalant little shindig! haha

I must say though, I am enjoying my extra days off from work and they’re helping me to get a few more things done around the house, those wedding projects completed and more time with my boys. I have a handful of new items ready to go for my Etsy shop and will begin adding those in the next week or two, can’t wait to unveil those items!

Oh and now my youngest has learned one of the many fun things to do on a computer, watch Disney & Nick Jr. videos…it’s going to be hard to weasel my way onto my own computer with these two boys hogging it all of the time 🙂 Feeling like I need to start busting ass so I can buy myself a new one and not let the kids take it over!


With my time off I was able to capture another napping shot of my youngest with his BFF Rex 🙂 Ethan was just starting to wake up but they were sleeping right by each other <3



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