What Are Your Valentine's Plans?

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Or perhaps you’re going to hibernate in these freezing temperatures like me.

Valentine’s has never been a holiday I really celebrate, sure I get my boys a little something but it just seems like a silly holiday to me. I would rather my significant other surprise me randomly in the middle of the year with something silly just to show that he was thinking of me, unsolicited. I just have troubles wrapping my head around a holiday that we shove down people’s throats, making them believe that they must get their loved one something if they truly love them.

I personally like to celebrate the holiday by watching a nice horror flick with my husband 🙂 Curl up on the couch, pop some popcorn and relax! Haha I know, I may need to have my head checked out!

I have also come to the realization that I’m terrible at taking the time to photograph my new items and actually getting them posted! I apologize, I announced last weekend that new items would be hitting my shop and I only added one. I accidentally shipped another new item prior to photographing it so I’ll just have to make another one. It was a super cute, wool blend scarf in mustard yellow. I do have one more hat that I recently made for babies that will make it into my shop, hopefully Monday, here’s a sneak peak!


Lovely heather blue hat with a detachable flower pin makes it perfect for baby girls and boys. Loosely crocheted from a soft acrylic yarn is ideal for spring and fall days. It’s currently available in a newborn size but can be customized for up to 24 months.

Also don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day for my 20% off jewelry sale. Stock up now for spring.

Enter coupon code JEWELRY20 at checkout!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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