Weekend Wrap-Up

What a beautiful weekend! I cannot complain about 60 degrees in March, in Northeast Ohio. I just wish it would stick around for a few more days.

We tried to take full advantage of the warmer weather this weekend. Even though it was only 40 degrees on Sunday we managed to bundle everyone up and get out to the zoo. My two year old insists that it’s his zoo (everything is apparently his right now) and has been talking about it for what seems to be weeks now. With the cooler temps and the St. Patty’s weekend festivities11060312_10103254740051874_2459003960040481716_n there weren’t too many people at the zoo which was perfect for us. We could move at our own leisurely pace and were able to see everyone that was out. Since we had cooler temps the zoo even did a little Penguin Parade and we got to watch them waddle around outside and squawking up close. We had no idea they even did such a thing in the winter but were pretty excited when we saw the sign since it’s one of my two-year olds favorite animals.

11009842_10103254740171634_6249204054670320121_nI think the zoo was a big success since that is all that I heard about yesterday. Good thing we bought some animal crackers this weekend as well because my son was living off of those and would only eat the animals he saw at the zoo. We might need to make another trip in the next two or three weeks!

Yesterday was our wonderful 60 degree and sun 11050163_10103257533379024_906575647943703364_nweather and I had to get my youngest out of the house to run and play. Although the grass is really swampy right now we were still able to play on the driveway with his many toys and he was able to run around with the dog and cat and play chase close to the house. It’s so good to get out and breathe the fresh air and stretch our legs. Hopefully all of the melted snow will dry up soon enough and I’ll be able to get out to the park or go hiking soon, I know we could all use it!

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