I’m getting behind in my blogs lately! But its been a busy week and weekend, but I love being busy so I guess that’s a good thing! The weekend started off a little dreary but it made me finish most of my chores around the house and I got to take the kids out shopping for some summer wear! We cannot wait for the nice weather to stay!

Sunday was absolutely beautiful, we woke up bright and early and decided to take the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo. One of little Drew’s favorite places and this was going to be Ethan’s first real visit. He loves watching the NatGeo channel and reading lots of books about animals, knows most of the sounds that they make, so we were pretty excited for the trip. We got there shortly after the doors open (my favorite time to go) and we’re thinking that its still so early in the year and weather is still a little crisp and this helped most of the animals come out and move around. I hate going to the zoo when everyone is sleeping or not on display. I think we saw just about everything that we wanted to see and let me just say that carrying 22 lbs on your hip when you’re 33 is a lot harder than when you’re 23 🙂 Another one of those grand trips that you load up the stroller and end up carrying the kid the whole time!

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