Weeding, Harvesting & Crafting!


Progress is being made all around the house, makes it a little easier to breath each night knowing that things are being checked off the list.


With all of the rain that’s been coming down lately the weeds in my garden have been taking over and the rain prevents me from getting outside to even do any weeding but we finally had a week of decent weather and I was able to get out into the garden at least once a day. My hands were starting to wear raw but I managed to make it through the entire box bed before another set of weeds could take over! Took a few wheelbarrows of weeds back to the woods but it’s at least complete and now manageable. I feel like our plants are MUCH happier now, they’re all standing tall and I at least feel like they’re starting to spread out a bit and most of them have fruit on them. I won’t let that happen again! We’ve definitely been eating well again and I just picked two more squash and two cucumbers, I think it’s almost time to start canning and blanching our crops as they come in. My boys have even joined in the fun and helped shuck the pea’s for tonight’s dinner!



Now if we could control the deer, we thought we had them all under control but then they nipped at 3 of our squash and zucchini plants. Sprayed a little more of our organic deer repellent in hopes that they’ll stay away.


I also managed to work on my little tags for the flip flops at my wedding; they are now all tagged and ready for the wedding. It was one of those things that I kept putting on the backburner and just needed to check it off the list before I waited too long. And of course, I sat down with all of my supplies to start working and Ethan accidentally touched something in our garage that slid down and pinched his hand. I made two flip flops before I had to jump up and play doctor for a bit, and then a lot of cuddling was needed. I would say about 2 hours and I had my 15 flip flops done! Haha the joys of having kids! Beginning to think planning a wedding before you have kids would probably be easier J


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