Wedding Weekend

What a wonderfully chaotic weekend! Let me just say this first, it feels fabulous to have that huge weight lifted off of my shoulders and I have a whole new respect for weddings! Actually having a venue that handles weddings definitely has its perks but I think all in all things worked out well and so many people came together to help us pull this thing off! Warning this post is longer than most but read on for my fun adventure!

Getting the decor set up

Getting the decor set up

The morning started off gorgeous, at least in the Youngstown area, I had high hopes that the weathermen were once again going to be wrong and we were going to have a gorgeous day, a little hot and humid but none the less still beautiful. We managed to get everything set up, it was looking great and we were ready for the big day. Then my sister and I left to get our hair done and it seemed that all hell broke loose. As we’re driving to the stylist we were carefully watching the sky’s getting darker by the minute and trying to stay hopeful that if it did rain that it was only going to hit Youngstown and not head any further South where Buffalo Hollow was located. As we sat in the salon chairs we could hear the sudden downpour of rain but tried to remain hopeful. As we texted our boyfriends looking for status of what was happening just 20 minutes away we were trying to stay optimistic then we left the salon with umbrellas in hand and realized the temperature had suddenly dropped about 10 degrees. What happened to the sun? The humidity? The warmth?

We had been running late, the stylist was late then things ran over and we arrived back at the wedding with a half hour to get dressed and make up on. No time to check on décor, guests were already arriving and I was desperately hoping that the guys all remembered my vision and that things were perfectly placed. It was a drizzly mess, those that were truly supporting us were driving an hour or two or three just to get to us on the now dreary day. People were tired of driving, some got lost, they were just plain tired but with galoshes and umbrellas in hand everyone awaited the wedding. I was dressed and ready to go, I too was waiting. Every ten minutes or so someone would come upstairs and tell me plans changed due to the rain and would update me on how things were going to go. I would then continue to wait until someone else would tell me things changed. If I was starting to get frustrated then I knew the guests had to be frustrated. Thankfully we had the bar open and actually started hors’ de veurs early. An hour late the wedding finally begins, with plan A back into effect but by that point I think we were all a frazzled mess. Procession didn’t go anything like I had planned, there were no chairs, half the people didn’t walk and I walked too soon. Regardless we made it to the “altar” where I proceeded to mess up one of my lines, I’m guessing I had a million other things that I was thinking about. The unity ceremony went smoothly and now it’s official, we are officially married! Now onto the reception!

Things started off fairly well here, we went to get our pictures done by a wonderful photographer Michelle Moore of Moments By Michelle. She’s AMAZING working with children and dogs, we were chaotic from beginning to end but she was a trooper and pulled us all together and the pics that I’ve seen so far turned out amazing, especially for how frazzled I felt! Little Drew’s pants were rolled and he was wearing sandals but it actually made the outfit cuter and true to a real “newsboy” feel (at least that’s what I’m telling myself), big Drew forgot his shoes and was wearing his Birkenstocks with argyle socks and Ethan’s shoe’s had to go so he wouldn’t get my dress muddy so he was barefoot! Loved the images I’ve seen so far and cannot wait to get the rest of the pics!!

Now back to the reception, where I learned that our caterers who were to bring real dishes and silverware actually had Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils wrapped in cello bags, made for a very unhappy bride, but I sucked it up and trudged on. The food was from Bojangle’s and was delicious even though we didn’t get our corn fritters that we had hoped for. They did have some delicious grits in their place and most people loved them even though they were never really grits fans in the past. We also ended up doing pies from Das Dutch Haus instead of the traditional cake, I’m not a huge cake fan, and those were delicious too! Everyone loved them and loved all of their options of flavors. The one thing Drew and I wanted people to walk away saying from our wedding was that we had amazing food and that was definitely the consensus so we did well there! Hardly anyone was drinking though; I’m guessing because of the dreary weather and knowing that they had to drive all the way back home. The lack of drinking also meant no one was dancing, I didn’t think there would be many dancer’s but was really hoping for a few, well, besides the kids who were loving the music. When the dancing was to begin it was realized that no one put the programs out for the guests that I had worked so hard on!! Ugh, my heart broke as I saw my entire basket of programs sitting off to the side L I was so excited for those! Then as the reception started dying down I noticed another bag sitting off to the side and it was ALL of the toys for my kids table!! The kids had fun running in the field but I was saddened that my kids table was non-existent! I apparently didn’t relay my vision to the guys when I left as well as I had hoped.

Everybody left much earlier than I had anticipated but it ended up working out well. We had time to clean up and get our bonfire started, kids were all in bed on time and the adults were able to enjoy a lot of laughs around the bonfire. I think we sat out there for a good 4 or 5 hours watching the fire burn then Ethan woke up (he is not the camping kind of kid) I could not for the life of me get him to fall back asleep in the tent and ended up enjoying my night on a dirty, nasty couch inside a building – not a tent – with my little heating rock on my chest. Not sure how camping trips are going to go for us in the future but I sure hope Ethan learns to love them, otherwise we might have a long road ahead of us!


At the end of the day we’re married, living happily ever after! And I think we both have a whole new respect for weddings and will think twice before making negative comments about someone’s wedding in the future! J

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