Turning 2 at the Dairy Farm!

I don’t typically post about my family and kids on my blog but this is a special occasion, my youngest is turning 2! I took him to the dairy farm for his photoshoot and although he was a little serious the photos turned out adorable and I have to share them. If I ever become a photographer I think I would have to specialize in children’s photography because they are all so different and all so full of life. I love that uncertainty that the day will bring, watching the child interact with their atmosphere and the glimmer in the eye when they see something they like. I can’t overthink a child’s photo otherwise I’ll lose my shot, perfect for someone like me!

2 years ago my youngest boy was born and I’m beginning to feel time going by faster with each passing year! It feels like just yesterday I met this little guy who has become my little koala bear. He’s passionate, smart, fun-loving and has a huge heart. Although Hunter chooses to cuddle with me almost 24/7 he seems to be dad’s best friend and little helper. He loves to help out around the house, in the garage and wherever needed and this guy loves animals possibly more than his oldest brother. He’s always handing out hugs and kisses (especially to the animals), says hello to anyone walking down the street and goes running for every trash truck that he hears!

One of his greatest passions is going to the farm! He LOVES his farm animals and gets excited every time he sees cows on the passing farms as we drive by. For his 2 year birthday I found it only fitting to visit our favorite dairy farm Baker’s Golden Dairy for his photoshoot. We typically visit the farm every other week and if you mention a farm or market to him he’ll tell you “cows, milk”. This farm is such a part of him and I was happy create this memory.

Hunter is a deep thinker and it couldn’t be any more apparent than during this photoshoot. It may be the most serious 2-year photoshoot but that’s who he is. He always gets lost in thought.

He was a man of small words this day but helped point out where the cows and pups were on the farm.

A little more deep-thinking, he was assessing the barn and cows. Probably thinking about how he’s going to run his farm when he gets bigger! 🙂

I love this guy! He didn’t want me taking his photo but I think his profile shots turned out pretty good. Have I mentioned how much I love the rolling hills on this farm?! They’re so picturesque!

I mean seriously, what an amazing farm and little man! He loves this place and felt at home…if only mom would put the camera down!

We ended our shoot with Baker’s Golden ice cream sandwiches! Ethan is such a great big brother, he always helps his little brother out with these sandwiches, or could it be that he doesn’t want Hunter eating it all?? These two have my heart!

Happy 2nd birthday Hunter, I can’t wait to see who you grow up to be. You have the biggest heart and I know you will do many amazing things!

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