The Power of Journaling

I was never really one for journaling and much like people who make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more and make healthier decisions in the new year, it takes a little while to get into that new routine. Once you’re in that groove it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re set on it either, you can go strong for weeks maybe even a few months but then you hit a bump in the road and miss a day or two and it seems like you have to start all over again. It’s like you have to retrain your brain and it feels like so much work then things start to fade away until you find your journal collecting dust in the corner. At least that’s what seems to happen to me!

A few years ago I read this book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, awesome book! And it actually helped get me on track and start thinking a little differently because it gave me a schedule to follow. It was as if I was in school again and each week I had an assignment to follow. “I can do this.” I thought. I had years of practice going to school. One of the first assignments was to keep a journal every morning, and it didn’t matter what you even wrote about in the beginning its focus was to just get you used to writing and writing every day. I followed that book to a T and felt so accomplished once I finished it. Then something happened, not sure what exactly, I’d like to think having a baby threw me off course but I think it occurred prior to that, either way, those journals slowly dwindled away until I found it lying under a pile of hats that I had made.

Hey, at least it couldn’t collect dust under all of those hats!

Lately I’ve felt like a million ideas were floating around in my head and just finding it hard to keep them all straight. Then I’d finally get that minute to breath and think to myself what should I work on? The baby is asleep and here I am, can’t think of a single thing from that random list of thoughts.

I started reading and watching many video’s and articles about getting on track for the new year and catching up on a few older ones that I missed over the holidays. One of those older one’s I pulled out of my inbox was of Marie Forleo, who I LOVE I must admit, she speaks on empowerment and building you’re business or just building a life you love. (You should definitely check her out if you have a spare minute.) During one of her videos, she speaks on journaling, journaling on gratitude specifically, but it got me thinking about how much I had once loved my journal and wrote in it every day and now it just sits.

After thinking about that video, I532959_786633108073149_2099945440525637711_n finally had the opportunity to dust that bad boy off the other day as my baby boy slumbered during his nap. Let me just say it was quite invigorating to finally get all of those ideas onto paper and to be able to look at my list. Now that it’s all written down in black and white I can actually see it and even organize those thoughts as to what takes precedence and what may be able to sit on that back burner a little longer. Feeling much more refreshed now and ready to enjoy my weekend!

I highly recommend you to go out and get yourself a nice journal (I always feel like the fancy journals pull me to write in them more haha) but if you don’t have the money a simple notebook you have lying around the house will do the job just as well. You could even let your creative juices flow and decorate the cover, that’s what I always have my oldest son do. Let your ideas out and then you’ll have the freedom to enjoy your day! Feel free to share you experience with journaling below in the comments or stop by my page and send me a message, I’d love to hear about it!!

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