The Art of Word Clouds

Word clouds can be a fun and simple way to5_Team_12x12 get your message across. If you’re not familiar with exactly what a word cloud is it’s a series of words, typically referencing the same topic, placed together in varying font sizes and colors and moving in multiple directions. The organic nature of a word cloud creates a graphical image that makes the piece feel more like artwork than a written message.

I recently had the pleasure of creating a series of word cloud posters be placed throughout an office to portray the core values of the team. They act as quick little reminders of who the company is and where they want to be. Instead of placing all of the text into paragraph form that most people will end up disregarding the idea of creating word clouds for each of the values was formed so now employees will see keywords as they’re passing through different areas of the office and will be reminded of the ultimate goal.

Here’s an example of the word clouds that I made for a small business. The final pieces were printed on canvas and turned out even better than I imagined! It’s always like Christmas when your prints show up and you get to unwrap each one of them!


If you’re looking to create word cloud art for your office contact me for a free consultation!

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