Summer Mini Photo Shoot!

Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day, it wasn’t too hot and the sun was shining. My youngest and I had a few errands to run in the morning and he was such a trooper, shopping is never at the top of the fun list for boys! Then we spent the rest of the day outside soaking up the sun and fresh air and testing our boundaries! Gotta love toddlers and their never ending persistence, this past week especially we’ve been working on NOT going into the street. My little man will stand at the end of the drive way, toe’s touching the pavement of the road and just smile. Then you see his little toe’s creeping up onto the pavement as he waits to see if you’re paying attention to him. And of course he must pick up a few loose stones nearby and throw them into the road to see if you’ll go get them or if possibly he can go get them.

There was nothing but smiles yesterday. I even grabbed my camera hoping for a little photo shoot and he allowed it! Typically he’ll turn away from me but he let me photograph him yesterday so I rolled with it. Have a new tactic on how to get him out in front of me to where I can actually get some shots without him sitting on me the whole time. At one point I even asked him to go do something cute so I could take his picture, I soon learned that you have to be careful what you ask for, he was happy and letting my take his pic but he was also plucking the petals off of my flowers, at least they’ll grow back!

Here’s a few of the pics from yesterday.

He may look like he just loves flowers but he was really plucking those petals off 😀

I always thought this spot looked kinda cool all worn down so I had to take his pic here too.

I know it was a lot of pics but I just can’t resist this sweet, ornery face!!! He turned 22 months old today, time is flying by!!

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