Summer Garden Harvest

I honestly don’t know where the summer has gone, it’s nearly the end of July and I feel like summer just started! There are just so many things to do throughout the summer and by the time you look up it’s almost over. One of those things on my list is my garden. I LOVE my garden and still wonder why I didn’t do this sooner, it’s a lot of work but so plentiful and so much fun to watch grow. We love going out there by fall time and harvesting daily and having fresh veggies with dinner. I went out the other day to weed, strangely therapeutic, and was just amazed at the growth of some of our veggies. I weeded our beans last week and now they have room to grow and blossom, sure enough they were all riddled with flowers and a handful of beans. Our peas have really taken off and actually need to be harvested in the next day or two to make room for more growth. And don’t forget those squash, our summer squash have been feeding us over the past few weeks and now we have little acorn squash and butternut’s out there! One of my favorite are the cucumbers 🙂 Love them raw and I LOVE pickling them!!! Picked my first cucumber just the other day and need to go get a few more, looks like it’s almost time to pickle…still wondering why I didn’t grow my own dill this year, but it’s definitely on the list for next year. I didn’t get too many pics but here’s one of our broccoli’s standing proud and tall!!


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