Summer Fair Fun

Fairs tend to mark the end of the summer, a time to see your friends and classmates that you may not have seen all summer long. The Canfield Fair, in Northeast Ohio, is just that, it falls during Labor Day weekend every year and in this area most schools start the Tuesday after Labor Day. It is one of the biggest fairs in the area and has everything from farm animals, Ferris wheels, tractors, awesome food, cotton candy and elephant ears to nighttime events such as the demolition derby, tractor pulls and concerts. The funny thing is I had never even heard of this fair until I moved out here about 7 years ago and now we try to make it a point to go every year.

This happened to be Ethan’s first year at the fair, we didn’t make it last year since he was so young and the swine flu was on the rise but he had a blast this year. I think all of the many animals were his favorite. As much as he Moo’d and Neigh’d as we would walk by the animals he wouldn’t pet a single one, that is until we got to the Angels for Animals tent and they had a little kitten out! J Now that little guy was just his size, he said “nice kitty” and pet him on the head with two fingers. Think he would have added the kitten to our family if he could have!

Now poor little Drew wasn’t feeling so hot when the day started, he had a head cold then being out in the high noon sun and heat, he was fading fast. Thankfully we decided to stop for some shaved ice and it perked both boys right up. After that Drew’s only request that day was to see the sheep shearing! He was a little bummed when he thought we missed it but thankfully they had another one coming up, we let him pick the seats and he really enjoyed watching how farmers handle the sheep!

As for me, right outside of the sheep barn and sheep shearing was a little hut where a little lady was spinning some wool. As much as I loved watching that and wishing I had a little wheel to spin my own, I loved what was just past her in the hut…homespun yarn!!! I couldn’t resist and had to buy two skeins to support the local artisans. Now I cannot wait to use my new yarns that are sitting proudly on my little table at home waiting for a fun idea to hit me!


You never know what you’re going to find at the fair but there’s always something for everyone! I think big Drew just enjoyed the environment of the fair, he doesn’t really care what fair he’s at, he just loves them all the same. I hope everyone else had a fun weekend and perhaps even enjoyed a nice fair this weekend!

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