Strawberry Picking, Tree Chopping and Much More!

Things have been a little chaotic lately and trying to get organized and on a new schedule has been a little harder lately but I’m determined to get a new system down! First I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I know we did, it was jam packed with fun beginning with Friday we had a few errands then stopped by great grandma’s and then to grandma and papa’s for a little BBQ and off to see the Akron fireworks, they were a little disappointing but that’s ok, we were just happy to be watching them. Then the drive home was pretty awesome watching fireworks on the horizon for the majority of our drive, well at least until I started nodding off, thankfully I wasn’t driving!

Saturday turned into a beautiful day and we decided to take a country drive to a couple of Amish markets where we ended up picking strawberries!! This was a first for me and was so much fun, I think Ethan loved it, at least all of the juice that was running down his face made it seem that way 🙂 We tried to pay extra for everything that he ate in the field but they wouldn’t take our money!

Then Sunday ended up being our tree cutting day, took two huge branches off and we’re still working on cleaning that mess up, but it’s progress!! Lot’s of determination over here 🙂


Ethan has also been really busy trying to help me get organized and get my business together. He’s just a great little assistant and always keeping me on my toes! I must admit though, I do love those two hour naps in the afternoon and it’s amazing how much I can get done in such a short period of time, not knowing how soon he may wake! hehe

All of that napping sure wears a kid out! He passed out on the back of my legs while I worked at the computer 🙂


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