Strategic Social Media Planning

Finding your social media voice can be a difficult task for many businesses and trying to find the time to be on social media is often even harder to do. Many people prefer to keep their updates live, as they happen, or as they come across articles to share but in order to have a consistent voice and presence on social media you may want to think about planning out a week or month ahead of time. This may sound impersonal to some people but you can always keep your live updates coming, having something in place to automatically update for you on a regular basis could be even more beneficial.

Creating a strategic social media plan that will automatically generate is something that I’ve been doing for quite some time now for my own clients. First I recommend creating a spreadsheet or some type of visual list for you to organize your thoughts and your posts. Some key topics you may want to consider talking about on your feeds are:

  • Your blog – be sure to promote your recent blog post or even pull from an older post if the data is still relevant to get more traffic back to your blog.
  • Announcement or Promotion – Updating customers and clients to something new within your organization or a special deal that they could benefit from can always make people look twice. Just make sure these aren’t too pushy and don’t over promote otherwise you could become spammy.
  • Inspiration or quotes – Depending on your business you might want to send out an inspirational saying for the day. Start your client’s day off on a good foot or just to get them thinking. You can also share a short story about yourself or your business here.
  • Engaging questions – Getting your clients involved is always key to social media. You want them to think about something and maybe even ponder it for a while even when they’re not reading your post on their live stream. This can often get a conversation started with other clients and potential clients.
  • Links to other people’s content – As long as they’re not a direct competitor this can be very beneficial. You want to be able to share information that you have with your fans, giving them tips and tricks from other people can also help mix things up with your feed and not bore them with the same content and voice.
  • Product updates, testimonials and photos – Again it depends on your business but you could select from other random concepts to keep your clients engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Once you have your spreadsheet of posts and tweets that you want to send out for the week or month you can head over to one of the many tools designed to help you automate your social media feed, such as, Hootsuite. You can now easily go through your list of posts and copy and paste those into your software. You can set the date and time that you would like your posts to go out and select which platforms you want each post going out to.

Now you can sit back and relax because your social media is complete and you can focus all of your time on other pending projects. As you come across something big in the news or a special event that’s going on you can always update your audience live as well. This will help keep things personal and keeps you engaged.

If you’re still struggling with social media or don’t enjoy it please contact me to see how I can help you and your business!

*This is NOT a sponsored post from Hootsuite, I just use Hootsuite for my personal/business use and recommend them on my own accord.

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