Spring work…errrr maybe!

The weather around here has been absolutely beautiful lately, I definitely cannot complain! I am not a winter or snow person at all, I mean I love to look at the snow and I think it’s pretty but I hate being cold and I hate driving through the snow and having to shovel it…bring on summer!

With the change in seasons I’m finding that I’m being flooded with new ideas for projects and many of them are color filled! I cannot wait to work with color in the coming days, just started a new drawing for the Day of the Dead. I know, I know, wrong season but hey it’s color filled and it’s what struck me most so I’m going with it! I never like to shoot down ideas that pop into my head, I find that when I go with the flow those projects turn out the best, when I try to force an idea that’s when they flop!

Hey, you never know come October and November I may have an urge to draw flower blossoms…just go with it!

What new projects are you working on? Anything spring like for the season or something completely off the wall like me?!

Whatever it is I hope you enjoy!

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