Spring Is In the Air!

Spring is in the air and the flowers are in bloom. It’s been hard not to enjoy the warmth of the sun lately and getting out into the fresh air. Opening up all of our windows and airing out the house and feeling the breeze brush through the curtains.

We had to make sure we enjoyed every bit of warmth and sunshine this weekend. Even though it’s still early May in Ohio we decided to start working on our garden. There’s quite a bit that needs to be done before we can start planting so we took advantage of the nice dry weekend and managed to expand the garden, till the entire space and fertilize it and topped it off with three truckloads of soil!

11178235_10103387077920724_6657150178922256101_nMy youngest had tons of fun with the piles of dirt that were going into the garden space, however, he was not a super fan of “Scoop” (the front-end loader) dumping the dirt into the bed of our truck right behind his head.

Hopefully next weekend will be just as beautiful so we can finish framing out the addition to our garden and start getting our fence posts set. We’re really hoping to be able to get our seedlings planted before Memorial Day this year (as long as the weather stays warm).

We even managed to make some time for a little nature walk through our neighborhood woods. By 10 AM it was already starting to get hot and little Ethan kept trying to walk in the shady parts of the woods, including my shadow. I couldn’t figure out why he was walking so haphazardly down the trail then I realized he was trying to walk on my shadow and every time I would move to go around him he would have to jump back over. Mom has to start thinking more like a 2 year old sometimes!


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