R&R Weekend


We had a surprisingly relaxing weekend for a change, did a little shopping where my youngest insisted on running up and down all of the aisles laughing while my older son had to chase him. He definitely earned his new Lego set that day! Shopping alone with a toddler is often much harder than it seems, I was so thankful to have the extra hands.


Then my oldest son’s friend came over for the night. We planned on camping out in the backyard but in normal Ohio fashion it had to rain, they still had fun indoors and we managed to get to the pool before the rain started so things worked out perfectly. Little Ethan still hates the pool or water or people or whatever his issue is J Screamed for “MAMA!!” the entire time we were in the pool, even when I was holding him. I think everyone knew who I was by the time we left! But as soon as they called for break and we went to the playground he was a new kid, nothing but smiles and he slid down all of the slides he could find! That boy is definitely a daredevil and would go down slides that I thought were too big for him, one’s that I had to crawl up and lift him into just so he could go down. Ended the night with a little pizza, wings and a couple of movies!


I also finished weeding my garden to a point that it’s now manageable and it doesn’t look like we need to mow it! That’s a huge weight off my shoulders, so once that was complete I rested!

Enjoying a little R&R, notice Ethan's footrest

Enjoying a little R&R, notice Ethan’s foot rest


Now it’s back to the grind, finished two new items for my fall line in my Etsy shop and started sketching out a new mural for my youngest son’s room. Still brainstorming a few other new product concepts and will hopefully have some more exciting info in the coming weeks!


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