Restructuring…Is there ever a perfect time???

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to sit down and talk with Amy Tan of The TreeSpace Studio. I went into this meeting not sure exactly what to expect, I had a million thoughts running through my head and never sat down to discuss my business with anyone like this before. I wasn’t sure which route we were going to take in conversation, I wasn’t sure what the most important questions that I had would be and let me just say that I was amazed at how smoothly and quickly the conversation went.

Amy was able to pick out one small phrase from what I had said and made us go back and look at that. Something that I didn’t think even mattered so much, or didn’t matter right now. After discussing it with her she made me realize just how big of a deal it was and so I begin my journey of restructuring my business plan!

I am truly excited for this new plan and the journey it’s going to take me on. I feel like I’ve worked hard shaping and molding my current business and the thought of going in a slightly different direction is a little daunting but the excitement that I have is enough to make me believe this is the right direction to go and before I go any further on my current path I need to reassess my situation.

Amy is holding a Create-Your-Story workshop and registration closes at the end of the month. Whether you have an existing business or just trying to get off the ground, I highly recommend that you reach out to her and definitely check out what her workshop has to offer.

Until next time, everyone have a wonderful Easter!!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Repin to Win, this is the last weekend, a winner will be chosen on Monday, April 1st!


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