Graphic Design & Creative Marketing encompasses many facets. It can be daunting and confusing to many new business owners. You may know that you need a website or a business card but have you thought about how you're going to use your marketing and help drive traffic to make it worth your time, effort and money?

We will help you create a structured plan, stay focused and continue the growth of your business through print and digital marketing tactics.

Full Branding

Avo-rrito Street Cuisine

When Avo-rrito came to us, they were just launching their food concession business and needed a full branding package. We needed to create a cohesive image that would get the attention of prospective customers, in a good way, and be easily recognizable anywhere. The project began with the logo creation and once we were able to embody the heart of the business, we were able to implement the same feeling through the website design, single page menu, catering rack card, business card and while managing their social media presence.


Although their menu designs are bright, bold, colorful and fun, Avo-rrito still wanted everyone to know that they do create sophisticated Mexican Street Cuisine with fresh ingredients with a clean, healthy flare. We were able to incorporate this image into their website and social media presence with plenty of food photography from the client highlighting their fresh ingredients and bright colors.
branding avorrito
core wholeness logo
Brand | Logo, Business Card & Flyer

Core Wholeness

Core Wholeness originally came to us looking for a logo for their yoga brand and studio. They practice a form of Christian yoga and wanted something that symbolized the Christian faith, as well as, clearly depicting that they practice yoga and hoped to incorporate nature into the imagery for the brand. Once we completed the logo, they decided to have us go ahead and design their business cards and a tri-fold marketing piece to match their new image.

Brand | Logo & Website

The Food Shed

When The Food Shed came to us they were still in the very beginning stages of their business and obtaining their 501c3 license. They had a vision and were ready to bring it to fruition, they were looking to create a place where farmers and community members could gather and share their joy of quality, locally grown food. Farmers would be able to sell their produce and meats, community members could purchase locally grown foods directly from the source and they could all get together for educational classes on food preparation, growing and cultivation.


We started with a logo to embrace everything that they envisioned and something that would last for years to come. We achieved this through our use of color and graphicly showcasing some of the local goodies people would expect to see when they visit The Food Shed. Once the logo was complete, we focused on the website which would have an emphasis on the blog page and an events calendar. We designed a website that the client would be able to update the calendar of events and post blogs to with ease.
The Food Shed Website
all creatures big and small
Brand | Logo & Business Card

All Creatures Big & Small

All Creatures Big & Small is a pest and nuisance animal control business in the Akron/Canton area. When they came to us, they wanted to brand their business in a way that it didn’t focus on the killing of God’s creatures and/or poison control. They explained that they try to utilize humane ways of handling the problem and they wanted their logo to represent that. 

We came up with a logo that focused more on the animals and their habitat and were able to tie it together with a great font. Once the logo was completed, they decided to go ahead and design some business cards to hand out to clients. We were able to design a double-sided card that featured their logo, easy to read contact info and the services that they assist with.

Menu Design

Kazmerski Polish Kitchen

When Kazmerski’s Polish Kitchen came to us they already had their logo and their website was already underway but they still needed menus for their customers. They knew the style that they wanted for their business and we were able to come up with a design to pair with their existing image.

kazmerski menu

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