I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and pampered your mothers like crazy!!

My Mother’s Day weekend started off with the flu 🙁 Ugh, was not a fun way to start but it did allow me to have an extra long weekend so I guess I’m thankful for that. I ended up spending Friday with my youngest and enjoying the fresh air once I started feeling a little better.


Then since the weather was still wonderful we started cleaning out a few things and pulling down my oldest’s old toys and pulled them out for Ethan. Drew’s old toys have been given new life again and Ethan was very appreciative! It was like Christmas in our house. He got the old train table which Drew so kindly set up during his nap so when he woke everything was put together and the trains were ready to go. He also got a box full of Diego toys, I think I counted 3 Diego’s, 2 helicopters for him and 2 4-wheelers. Not to mention all of the little animals that needed to be rescued.



We had one happy boy after nap time!

I hope everyone else was able to relax this weekend as well!

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