Night Out at the Vineyard

Weekends always seem to fly by and this weekend was no different. It was an awesome weekend though, we picked up my oldest from my parents’ house after two weeks!! Ugh, felt like an eternity without him, so thankful he’s home again. I know he was happy to stay with them and get spoiled rotten but we definitely missed him. His little brother thought he was sleeping for the past week and how do you try to explain things to someone who isn’t even two yet, so we went with it! 😀

Besides picking Drew up we also stayed with my parents and went out with my sister and some friends to a winery to celebrate our upcoming wedding. We went to Perrenial Vineyards and enjoyed some delicious pizza, wine and awesome company! It’s been so long since we’ve been able to go out and even longer since we’ve seen our friends so it was great to get out. The winery was very nice as well, it was rustic with stone walls, old barrel and dim lighting. We really enjoyed our time out!

Rise & shine at grandma and papa's!

Rise & shine at grandma and papa’s!

Our fun times have come to an end and it’s time to get reorganized, set a business plan in place and get to work! Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well!


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