Moving On Up

The weekend flew by once again, started off with a nice evening at home for my birthday on Friday, my boyfriend even got me 400 Pound Monkey beer from Left Hand Brewing...I’ve never had it before but he knows I love monkey’s and he likes Left Hand Brewing so why not try it and it was delicious!! Highly recommend it if you like IPA’s!

Birthday Beer!!

Birthday Beer!!

Saturday started off at my parents house, where my toddler had to pull a table down on top of himself within the first 30 seconds of being there…never a dull moment with toddlers!! Then we were off to my older son’s Blue and Gold banquet where he became a Webelo II, this will be his last year in Cub Scouts, so bittersweet, I don’t know where this time has gone! Every year we have a cake auction at the Blue & Gold banquet and our fun Pinterest inspired cake got the 2nd highest bid and won Best Design!! I should have been making cakes for the auction sooner, this was our first attempt! 🙂


To end my weekend, here are two separate pictures, same nap but some movement happened along the way. The first pic includes the elusive Kali (she doesn’t typically nap with him) and then he rolled his way off the blanket completely getting a little closer to Rex, his normal nap buddy!

20140223_140849_resized 20140223_150847_resized

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