Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Northeastgarden Ohio, the weather was perfect and we managed to get a lot of our house chores completed or pretty close to completed. Our garden is pretty darn close to finished, we just need a gate door to keep our deer out but my husband should have that finished up in no time. At least our crops are in and we can just sit back and wait for the fruit to start appearing. Oh and did I mention we also have a few flowers blooming on our pepper plants already? We’ll be having some fresh peppers very soon!!

tree1We also had a huge maple tree dropped last week and were busy moving all of the branches and logs to the back of our yard so it’s not such an eyesore for the neighbors. Still have a lot of work to do there but made a pretty good size dent in our pile.

We finished off our weekend with the Memorial Day parade and some homemade pizza. Yumm!! Now we’re back to the grind, no more physical labor around the house but back to the mental work at the office!

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend, I saw many pics of Memorial Day parades throughout the country on Facebook and even a handful of barbecues going on. I’d love to hear about your weekend festivities so please feel free to share!

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