Limited Time DragonballZ Inspired Trio for Babies

What started as a random custom order request nearly a year ago has turneadultsongohand into my biggest seller for the year.DragonballZ fans are die-hards and have been amazing to work with time and time again. Not only were you buying the hats for yourself but many were also buying them for friends and family members. I loved hearing all of the stories you had to share and all of the input that you’ve had along the way, it’s one of the things that I love about selling on Etsy. That’s why I’ve decided to make a special offer this holiday season for those fans, I’m currently offering all three of my baby DBZ inspired hats for $58. That set includes Son Gohan, Chiaotzu and Baby Trunks, all three hats will be made from soft acrylic yarns and can be made in sizes from 0-12 months. If you’d like to mix and match sizes I can do that as well, just leave a note when ordering or private message me with the specifics.


Thank you all for your loving support and have a wondering Thanksgiving and holiday season!!

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