Excited To Announce the Launch of My New Site!!

The time has come, my new website is up and running!! It went live over the weekend, had a few last minute kinks to work out but I LOVE it!! There’s just something about pouring your heart into something for weeks that makes you appreciate the end result that much more. Hopefully everyone will love the new layout more than the last site and you find it easier to navigate, you can view my new site at www.melissanagydesigns.com if you go to my old site you’ll just be redirected to this one, don’t worry, it’s not gone yet.

Some of the key features of the new site that you’ll notice are first and foremost the layout and the colors. The colors are just exhilarating and make you happy when you arrive. Although I liked my old site, it was very subdued and I didn’t feel like it completely represented me. This new site is colorful and sleek. It also makes it easier to understand who I am and how I can help you or your business.

I have a specific tab for my prints (or card shop) Peko_Vright now this tab will take you to an external Etsy shop which may get changed in the future but it’s functioning as well as I need it to. I also have distinct tab for my design opportunities. I’ve encompassed the majority of my work here, this will include: branding/social media, illustration design, mural design and knits & crochet. As of right now you cannot order through my knits and crochet section, this will also lead you to my existing Etsy shop for the time being. (My main hiccups to the site are the shops but the work-around seems to be doing just fine.)

My blog link is now located in the About section as I was trying to keep the tabs clear and concise, I didn’t want things to get too busy on the homepage but could change this if people prefer it easily accessible.

Please take a moment and look around, let me know your thoughts and please share with your friends and family. Word of mouth is my best marketing tool and I truly appreciate all of you for spreading the word and sharing your stories with me along the way!

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