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Today’s blog is a random rant about yarn, so if you don’t enjoy yarn you may want to move onto another blog J

I received a custom order for a hat the other day and told the guy I could probably have it out in 3 or 4 days which is typical for the hat he ordered but little did I know I was going to run into such a SNAFU. I started creating the hat the other night and about a third of the way in my yarn started to tangle, I managed to get things straightened out but was afraid of what was to come and hoped that I would be able to get through the bulk of the hat before things got worse.

20150401_215024_resizedI will now be on night three and the hat is halfway finished, my skein of yarn is one giant knot! It’s a loose knot but it’s still a crazy mess that I can’t seem to untangle from either end. So as I sat on my couch cursing and trying to straighten things out to finish as much of the hat as I could I started thinking, why in the world do manufacturers spin yarn in this manner?

The majority of the yarns that I purchase unravel from the outside in but this skein (and a few others I’ve used) has the end of the yarn on the inside and you work your way from the inside out.

Now perhaps I’m not using the yarn correctly but I thought it was pretty self-explanatory yet each and every time this happens. Why??

I think I’m going to start boycotting this yarn because it becomes such a pain. I already reached out to the guy that ordered the hat to let him know it would be a day or two late (because I’m in yarn hell). But that’s really no way for me to run a business. I’ve never had it impact me to where I couldn’t ship in time but I’m afraid I’m just going to have to cut the yarn tonight, unravel, wind it back up and continue where I left off which is a lot of extra work for no reason whatsoever.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for using this kind of a skein please let me know!! Thanks and sorry for the rant!

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