Kitchen Time

If you’ve been following my blog over the past few weeks you’ll know that we’ve been growing a little garden in our backyard and things have slowly been coming to bloom. Things have started picking up and processing seems to be a nightly routine in our house now so we had to get a few new tools for our kitchen, love our kitchen toys…oh wait, tools.

So we just purchased our pressure canner and our dehydrator, both of which arrived this week!

Even my boys are stoked!

Even my boys are stoked!

Completely stoked and can’t wait to try out the pressure canner, MUST read the directions first though 🙂 I’ve heard plenty of stories of the canners exploding for one reason or another so that will be a weekend toy. But we’ve already put the dehydrator to the test. Last night was our first attempt at beef jerky, I know, I know, that didn’t come from our garden but still something we’ve been dying to try! Now today is dehydrated tomatoes! So many cherry tomatoes in our garden we had to figure out something to do so let’s dehydrate and pull them back out for tomato paste and such!

There was also an unexpected surprise in picking the cherry tomatoes last night, I finally found something my 9 year old enjoyed doing in the garden! Picking tomatoes, who knew! He had fun crawling between the plants and finding the red ones to pluck! Neither of us enjoy eating them but still had fun picking them.


Looks like we’re going to have a busy few weeks ahead of us as we enter fall but all of our hardwork is going to pay off this winter when we have our very own, organic, food to eat!

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