Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Social media can be a scary place for many people. As I log onto my computer and see the many articles of algorithms changing and new policies being set in place I completely understand why people tend to turn away and think it’s not that important or their company doesn’t need it just yet. Most people and businesses have a hard enough time trying to stay on top of current events and making sure all of their social media boards are being updated daily or multiple times a day much less knowing when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes make changes to their systems. In the ever changing world of social media it may be hard to tell who your followers are or how to keep them coming back. Here are a few tips to engage your current followers, gain new ones and increase your presence on social media.

Know your audience

It may sound obvious but you don’t want to generalize your posts too much. Keeping ideas vague or topics all over the board and deter some of your readers. People who repeatedly view your posts and enjoy your posts are typically looking to you for a specific reason. Gauging what your audience expects will give you a better idea of what to deliver in terms of frequency, tone and density.

Make it personal

Many people grow to like your company because of you. They like who you are, like the way you speak and they often feel like they form a bond with you even if they don’t actually know you personally. Giving your business a personal side and letting your audience into your life a little bit helps them build that connection and can keep them coming back. By nature humans form bonds with one another so if you have a family you may want to share a few small stories or if you’re active in the community share the news and events with your audience. You don’t have to delve into too many details but giving them that peak into who you are could be the selling point they’re looking for.

Post regularly

People tend to be creatures of habit and posting regularly can keep you top of mind with many people’s daily routines. If your audience knows you post every Wednesday or even three times a week they may look forward to seeing what you have to say that day and will allot a chunk of time just for your latest article. Regular updates featuring things your audience might find interesting from non-competing sites, useful services you provide or new products that you offer is a great way to keep your audience intrigued.

Engage your audience

Keeping your audience engaged helps them feel a personal connection to your brand. This is often best done directly by asking questions and creating a call to action within your posts. For the most part your content will be made with a specific purpose in mind and by creating a call to action you will be ensuring that the purpose is being achieved by prompting your audience to take a specific action, whether it be sharing the post or responding with a relatable personal story of their own.

Make it valuable

Much like you, your audience is very busy and have many other things going on in their day. It’s hard to gain a loyal following of readers and once you have them you don’t want to lose them. One sure fire way to lose your existing audience or even potential readers is to create content that is not valuable to them. If they feel as though you’re wasting their time or only trying to sell them your latest product or service they will quickly turn away or mark you as spam in their minds. Be sure to post relevant content, useful links and plenty of important information and you will be sure to have a loyal following of readers.

If you have any questions about your social media content or need help implementing a solution for your company let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you out!

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