I LOVE Fall!!!

Oh how I love fall! I feel the crispness in the air and am getting so excited for what’s around the corner. I think fall is my favorite season, living in Ohio we get all four seasons and there’s just something about the crisp air, the leaves changing color, the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cider! I love it! I also know that this is my busiest time of year and being a workaholic that makes me excited too. School is back in session and there will be a lot of events I will have to attend for that, I’ll also have to start my sons Halloween costume and stock up my Etsy shop for the gift giving season. Let’s not forget that I still have a little bundle of joy on the way and ready to pop any day now!

I’ve been busy making a few last cornhole bags for customers, now that football season has started I really need to get the team bags done and mailed out! I bought the fabric for my sons costume and just have to figure out how I want to make it now. Been knitting like crazy to stock up my shop, make a few hats for my little nugget and couldn’t forget my older son here’s a pic of his newest hat (work in progress)

Staying organized is my only true sanity right now, sometimes I feel like I’m spreading myself to thin but honestly I love it. Trying to make sure everyone gets a little of my time while still finding the time to create new items for my shops is a constant work in progress. I find that I utilize the night hours the most for myself and for creating new pieces, it’s a great way to clear my mind at the end of the day while still being productive then I hit the hay and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

How do you guys organize and prioritize your days? I would love to hear any suggestions. And do you guys love fall as much as I do?! 😀

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  • amandajocrafts

    Wow, it sounds like you have a full crafting plate! That’s exciting though–I love keeping busy.
    For me, I use google calendar like crazy and plan things down to the hour if I have to!
    And yes, I’m a HUGE fall lover–the clothes, the leaves, the temperature, the changing winds…I’m getting all bubbly just thinking about it!

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