How To Balance Working From Home

Running a successful business is always difficult but running a successful business from home is often much harder. The idea of working from home has its definite perks: creating your own schedule, seeing your children, working in your pajamas and no make-up but the unforeseen cons can often be overwhelming for some people.

 I’m a mom of three boys (ages 12, 3 and 9 months) I go into the office once a week and work the rest of the time from home, this includes any of my many freelance projects. My coworkers (ages 3 and 9 months) don’t always understand the meaning of “I need to get my work done.” And they often like to create their own schedule whenever they see fit.

 Structure and organization is a huge part of working from home. If you plan to work from home you have to be organized. I once considered myself as having OCD but since having kids I’ve thrown A LOT of it out the window! I do find my natural obsessive compulsiveness to be a blessing. As long as I channel this in the right direction it helps me balance my crazy personal life with my business.

 Here’s a glimpse into my daily schedule so you can get a grasp of what I’m up against:

6 AM – Drinking my cup of coffee, eating my bagel, watching the news and checking my emails via my phone, as I wait for the first child to wake.

 6:30 -7 AM – Normally my 9 month old is waking up and I can ponder any news or projects I need to work on that day as I tend to him.

 8 AM – My oldest is off to school and I’m ready to begin working. I log onto my computers and check all other business emails that I didn’t get on my phone. Anything urgent gets done around this time.

 9 AM – Playtime with my mini coworkers

 10 AM – Baby’s first nap = any other non-pertinent projects can be worked on during this time.

 11 AM – 1 PM – Time to start prepping lunch, eating lunch and more playtime

 2 – 4 PM – Baby’s 2nd nap = finish working on non-pertinent projects or anything else that may have come through during lunch.

 4 – 9 PM – This is normally family time, making dinner, eating, playing outside if we can, watching movies…you get the picture

 9 – 11 PM – Any projects that actually require a lot of thought or research such as blog writing. This is also when I catch up on all social media and try to make new connections. I plan out what will be on my agenda for the next day so I’m not scrambling around wasting what little time I have available.

 I also make it a point to schedule out any social media posts once a week. There are a lot of different apps available for this but I love Hootsuite. Hootsuite makes scheduling so easy and allows me to free up my time throughout the week. I still post periodically when I find something cool I want to retweet or post to Facebook and Instagram but Hootsuite is my once a week stop to ensure I’m getting something out. It also allows me to run reports and see how my posts are doing among my followers which is a great value for me.

 Phew, by about 11 PM I’m exhausted and ready to call it a night so I can wake up and do it all over again the next day. If you ask my husband he won’t agree that I get this much sleep through the night but hey, this is what I strive for!

 Do you work from home? What’s your day like? Or if you want to work from home but have some hesitations let me know, leave some comments and I’d love to discuss them with you!

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