Happy Father's Day & Product Photography

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend and got to wish all of their dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day!! I got to see my dad this weekend which was awesome, it had been a few weeks since I’ve seen them plus I got to spend the weekend with my boys dad! Can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of his present, I’ll have to get one for you guys maybe Wednesday but I got him an awesome glass from ScissorMill on Etsy that has both of the boys birthdays on it!! We both loved it, so unique and turned out beautifully!! Here’s a pic from Dogs with Dads, shame my older son couldn’t make it this time, we’ll have to get another pic for all 3 of them 🙂


I also finished up another Son Gohan baby hat last week and thought I should get a few good product shots of it to update my Etsy shop, I tend to mail them out before getting a good pic and they seem to keep flying off the shelf! So I wanted a few quick snapshots but ended up with a little helper who thought his toes would be perfect for every shot!! hehe adorable toes, I just couldn’t say no! Looks like I’ll just have to take pics of the next hat I make!

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