Groundhog's Day Spring Sale!

If you live in the Midwest or Northeast like I do you probably pay attention to the superstitious Groundhog’s Day that comes around every February 2nd. It was always the holiday that would get left out of any excitement or celebration so we always tried to celebrate it.

This year Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow which means we could have another six weeks of winter, Ugh! However, Buckeye Chuck did not see his shadow! Think I’m going to stick with good ol’ Buckeye Chuck this year and hope for that early spring weather.

il_570xN.621944563_5a6kEither way, I know there’s a light at the end of this tunnel that will bring me spring soon or later. With spring, Mother’s Day and Easter all coming up right around the corner I’ve decided to offer all of you 20% off all of my in stock, spring jewelry collection!

This includes all of my knit, cord bracelets and necklaces at 20% off. This could make a fabulous Valentine’s gift as well, but hurry because this offer will expire on Valentine’s Day!il_570xN.338064381

To receive the discount please visit my Etsy shop and use the coupon code JEWELRY20 at checkout.

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