Father's Day & Full Moons

I hope everyone is excited for Father’s Day weekend!! At least here in Ohio it’s supposed to be gorgeous outside so I can’t wait, plus we get to head out to see my parents, I know my oldest is quite excited for that! Yesterday was Dogs with Dads at our youngest’s school which I heard was a blast and the kids were all so adorable. Ethan was very excited to see his dad for lunch! I’m still waiting on their pic, oddly enough the school insisted on taking my pic with him this morning and I received that but not with his dad…very weird 🙂 Love my crazy haired kid!!



I also finished up two Father’s Day portraits which I loved doing! Definitely going to have to promote these next year, they were so much fun to do!

And did you know today is the first full moon on a Friday the 13th in a couple of years but the next one isn’t supposed to happen until 2049?!?! That’s crazy! So glad today seemed like a fairly normal day, hope every one else’s went just as well! Have a great weekend!!

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