Falling Into A Groove

Things are slowly but surely falling into place over here. I feel like the past few weeks were just getting comfortable with a new routine and trying to figure things out but I’ve started implementing a few new ideas and have a few new clients on the horizon which is super exciting! I was even able to begin working on another new project the other night. I have a sneaky suspicion that this fall is going to be very busy for me for two reasons, one I have a lot of coals in the fire right now and two fall always picks up for my knitting/Etsy shop as people prepare for Christmas and winter.

I feel as though I’m going in a million different directions right now to get things in place but in the back of my mind I know this is the calm before the storm. Stay tuned to see what new projects I have going on, possibly a few craft shows and a lot of new items will be in my shop this fall and I may even branch off into a second shop!!

Things have been changing so much that I’ve started cooking more and cooking from the garden!! Here’s my stuffed squash I made tonight (made up the recipe and the squash was from the garden!) Also made some pea’s from the garden, but this was my plate and well, I don’t like pea’s 🙂


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