Fall Pumpkins & Hayride

Most of the leaves have already changed color here in Northeast Ohio, the beautiful hues of yellow, orange and red are fading and bare branches are left behind for the next 7 months or so. We managed to enjoy the fall, crisp weather and made it out this weekend to go on a hayride and pick some pumpkins with our boy’s at a local farmer’s market, Countryside. I think everyone had a good time, as we waited for the tractor pulling our hayride chariot there were cows resting in a field and some little piglets eating feed. The boys and I really enjoyed watching the animals as we waited, the piglets were just so adorable, reminded me of Wilbur, I just wanted to pick one up and take him home with us! After the hayride around the farm we went back to the market to get a few items and some hot cider to warm us up! Then it was off to the pumpkins, so many to choose from and no one knew where to start. Eventually we found perfect pumpkins for the boys and are looking forward to carving those bad boys up this weekend!!

We were also busy this weekend giving our living room a much needed paint job! After five years I think I’ve just about had it with tan and am ready to move onto some of the other colors out there. We chose gray for the living room with a dark gray accent for the TV wall so we’re not distracted while watching movies at night, in the dark. The one thing to remember when painting with a toddler is that you can only really work in 1-2 hour increments while they’re napping, so our living room is about three quarters of the way there! But it looks so much better! I just can’t wait to finish it off.


I seem to have an itch with this painting thing lately, the mural kicked things off and now the living room and now I don’t want to stop. So I’ve started sketching out the mural for my son’s room and am hoping to start sketching it to his wall within the week. Cannot wait to start that project, it’s going to be sooo cute! At least it is in my head. If you’re curious of the theme you won’t be too surprised if you know my son, but we’ve decided to do a John Deere theme! Hopefully I’ll have pics to follow soon!

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