Facebook’s Ever Changing Algorithm’s

If you’re on social media as much as I am you’ve probably noticed your followers and engagement numbers fluctuating sporadically from time to time. Just when you think you have things figured out they go and change their algorithm’s!

Many of you work so hard to build up your following. You make sure you’re creating content that they will want to see, read and hopefully follow through with a call to action. That’s why when Facebook (Instagram) changes their algorithm we all shriek out…not again!

Ok, we have the content, we have the hashtags, we have the time of day…but oh wait your engagement is down to 16 likes instead of the usual 70 or 80. What’s wrong?

We’re all in the same boat with you and trying to stay on top of the ever changing platforms makes it tricky but it also helps keep us on our toes.

Just the other week I was thinking that I had lost my mind. I was scheduling out posts to Facebook for one of my clients and when I would check on them the next day after they had gone out they looked different.

Wait a minute. They looked like they did before I made my edits.

I know I made some edits.

What happened?

I thought I was losing it, sometimes my scheduled posts are fine and others are not.

Then I check my emails this morning. Oh wait, Facebook made a change in early 2017 to stop fake news. In continuation of this mission they made a change this summer to limit our ability to customize link previews.

What?!? I always customize my posts!

At least there are work arounds to this but it all ends up on the backend of your website. Thankfully I have a WordPress site, as do many of my clients, which makes it fairly easy to make these changes but still this means I can’t change each post that links to a single page. They’re all going to look the same. Boo…I don’t like that monotony!

As for right now I haven’t noticed this across the board, weird that it’s only happening to some of my posts but I guess I’ll be happy for those posts that I’m still able to customize.

Have you noticed this change? Is it frustrating you too?

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me as I work out this bump in the road! If you have any other changes that are bothering you let me know, I’d love to hear about them. Or if you’d like me to look into a problem you’re facing with social media let me know…maybe I can help or maybe it will be my next blog post!

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