Exciting Announcement & New Website!


I’m so excited to make a few announcements about my business plan for the year! It’s been roughly seven months since my youngest was born and during that time I’ve done a lot of contemplating. The past year has been wonderful for me, my family and my business. Things have grown exponentially and with growth we often need to do a little restructuring. During the last seven months I’ve had some time to think about where I want my business to go and I think I have finally figured things out.

Although I love knitting and crocheting and have been honing my art since high school I found it hard to keep up with my Etsy shop this past winter along with everything else I’m doing. I loved all of my customers and everyone was so kind to work with but I think I need to keep my knitting as a hobby and only offer in stock items rather than custom orders. I intend to continue creating and making one of a kind, natural fiber accessories but must taper back a little.
By placing less time on my Etsy shop I’m going to have the time and energy to focus on marketing and branding for my current and prospective clients. I’m very excited for this venture and where things are going to take me over the next year and beyond. With this exciting announcement I have also created a new website to launch things. This new site will go live this Monday, I hope everyone can take a look around and see what we’ll have to offer. Let me know what you think of the site and if you know anyone that could benefit from working with me please send them my way.
Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported my business over the years. I couldn’t be where I’m at today without each and everyone of you!

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