It just hit me yesterday as I was driving home from work and someone on the radio was dedicating a song to his fiance because they were getting married in exactly 4 months (no, not my fiance hehe). I sat there and thought to myself aaw that’s sweet, then I was like, oh shit, 4 months that’s September! Where is the time going?!? I feel less prepared now that I know I only have 4 months to go 🙂 Started working on my actual invitations and I believe Drew and I are going to do a little more shopping this weekend to see what other decorations and such we can find. We really need to get back out to the venue to take measurements and plan things out a little better. I’ve also started looking for outfits for the boys, oh my goodness, so many options!! Aye, time is running out!

I just keep telling myself, somehow this will all come together!

In the midst of the chaos I’ve begun my new fall line of knits for kids! Cannot wait to get a few items finished and unveil them this fall.

And every now and then I feel you need to stop and smell the roses. This morning as I listened to the thunder in the distance, knowing that the sky’s were about to open up, I took a moment to enjoy the sunrise before the clouds rolled in.


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