Earth Day Goodness


Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day! I try to incorporate as many eco-friendly and natural products as possible into my shop and have actually just placed another order for recycled card stock for my greeting card shop to celebrate.

It’s great seeing so many people coming together to help celebrate and take care of mother earth. As we go further into spring this year I find so many people outside working in their gardens and just going for a walk. This past weekend was no different for our family as I took the boys and our dog for a walk through the neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air.

IMG_20150227_083417_resizedWe also started going through all of our seeds and planning our attack for this year’s garden. We’re going to be enlarging the garden a bit, installing a fence and just have a lot to do before we’re ready to start planting next month. I also received an email from Seed Saver’s, the company that we got a lot of our seeds through this year, that a few of our transplants are going to get shipped to us next week!! Eeek, can’t wait to receive those!! We’re going to be trying a fun variety of tomatoes and peppers this year and can’t wait to see what we’ll be eating this summer and fall.

It’s great to get the kids involved and having them see what one person can do and that we don’t have to rely on big grocers for our produce. We can grow fruits and vegetables ourselves, produce that’s not covered in pesticides and are much tastier! I have loved going out to the garden each day to see what’s ripe, picking things fresh off the vine to prepare for dinner and never knowing what might be for dinner because you don’t know what might be ripe that week.

To celebrate Earth Day this year I’m going to be offering 20% your entire purchase from either of my shops and a discounted rate on any branding material (message me privately to discuss). This deal is only good for today so be sure to enter EARTH20 at checkout to guarantee your discount!

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