Down To The Wire

With just over two weeks to go until wedding bells I’m realizing that I didn’t quite have everything together like I had mentally thought. Granted there are a handful of things that have to wait until the last minute like the flowers or shopping for hors’ devours but once you write down those last minute things the list seems a little daunting. Now they are small simple things for the most part but I think it’s time to mentally prepare for a hectic two weeks! Not to mention a lot of hoping and praying that a certain someone takes their two hours naps every day that I’m home I just keep thinking, things would be a lot easier in this planning if I was 20 without any kids but hey, where’s the fun in that?!? At least they like to help and sometimes we end up with happy mistakes! 

Boys in the waiting area of the fitting rooms...AKA time to get dad's outfit for the wedding!

Boys in the waiting area of the fitting rooms…AKA time to get dad’s outfit for the wedding!

Somehow everything will work out and if we run out of time then oh well, I don’t think it’s worth stressing out over. Things will be beautiful either way, I’m just really hoping for dry weather but have back up plans just in case! You’ll probably be seeing a lot of wedding DIY’s and planning updates as time gets closer since I haven’t had much time for anything else. However, I have been slowly updating my new items to my Etsy Shop so be sure to stop over there, especially if you have kids! Get stocked up for fall and winter. And just think in two weeks things will be back to normal, well at least as normal as they can be!

Popsicle break with Rex!

Popsicle break with Rex!

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