Does Shopping Online Scare You?


Online shopping seems to be the trend in today’s modern world of the storeless generation but is everyone truly comfortable with making online purchases? I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about online and mobile shopping, Omni channel marketing and technology are moving full speed ahead. While reading all of this information it really got me thinking about my customers or potential customers out there who might still be a little uncertain with technology and whether or not things are truly safe on the “interweb”, as my husband likes to call it.

There are so many different security measures out there already to try and protect customer’s data, customers that may not want to use their credit card often have the option of using PayPal for extra security. I know people are still hesitant in actually clicking that “buy now” button because in the back of their minds there’s that little voice that keeps asking, “Is this truly safe?”, “Is someone, somehow monitoring my computer?”.

A little off topic, but I actually just read an article today about SmartTV’s and if you’re having a conversation in front of the TV it can pick up your conversation as data and will send it back to their third party. Scary world when you can’t have a private conversation in your own home, so I understand why some would be hesitant with the internet. Things are beginning to get a little too much like George Orwell’s 1984!

Shopping in stores is unfortunately just as scary as purchasing online with so many databases getting hacked and people stealing your credit card information as you’re checking out at the cash register. It seems as though no place is safe anymore.

So my question to you is do you feel comfortable purchasing items online? Are there some stores that make you feel safer in your purchases than others? And why???

This is all for my own curiosity’s sake and I know my readers are the best ones to ask! Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂

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