DIY Rustic Wedding Decor WIP

Phew, I feel like this past week was a whirlwind, thankfully things should kinda slow down this week, at least as far as meetings go. I also went to my parents house over the weekend and saw my brother and sister and some family friends which was a nice little break from the rest of the chaos that’s going on. We also finished chopping down our large maple tree from the backyard!! All by ourselves, was there ever any doubt?!? 🙂  Once the tree came down we started cutting some of our centerpieces and such that will be used at the wedding and realized that this one branch in particular made perfect little hearts!! I was soooo excited, perfect for the wedding, now I need to figure out exactly how I’m using them!





I also took it upon myself to start another little project…signage! This will soon become a handful of signs 🙂



And just as a little garden side note, I never realized how broccoli flowered. Did you know that the florets that we eat really are the beginning of flowers? We just harvest them before they bloom?? I don’t know how I went through life without knowing that but here’s one of our broccoli plants that we didn’t harvest in time!


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