Digital Marketing In the Mahoning Valley

You know how there are those events in your life where you feel like you’re planning for them forever but never feel like they’ll come to fruition? The DOYO Live digital marketing conference was one of those things for me. This is a conference that I had wanted to attend last year but found out just weeks prior and couldn’t quite make it and looked forward to attending in 2017.

Little did I know I would be a part of the committee and an attendee in 2017. This meant for months prior I would be living and breathing the conference through social media and blog updates.

DOYO Live is the only digital marketing conference in the Youngstown area and is part of the driving force of bringing the arts and economy back to the Mahoning Valley. They strive to educate small businesses, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs on a national level.

This year DOYO Live added a second day to their calendar, this day preceded the full day conference and included three 2 hour deep dive workshops featuring Dennis Schiraldi (DOYO Live Founder), Deanna Fusillo (Sassy Girl Media) and Nate Riggs (NR Media Group). Followed by an awesome kick-off party filled with networking opportunities of local and national marketing talent.

The conference began with keynote speaker, Debra Jasper of Mindset Digital, who spoke on the importance of P2P, or person-to-person, marketing. During Debra’s fast paced and very informative keynote she went through over 300 slides which helped to make her point on the importance of a visual presentation. We live in a society today where visual storytelling is key to getting your message across.

The education continued during a thought leadership panel featuring Nate Riggs and Rob Palo and then over 20 breakout sessions in the afternoon. Morgan Mulgrew, Mindset Digital, went over everything LinkedIn during her breakout session. She spoke on everything from your profile photo, the ideal content to provide in your profile and creating a personable summary. I also had the pleasure of sitting in on Jim Komara’s breakout session about being the Big Dot with Google. We learned how to get to the top of search results, the importance of Google My Business and Google Analytics.

Let’s not forget one of the most important parts of the conference, networking! I made so many amazing connections with businesses and business owners, some that I knew through social media and the internet and other’s were brand new connections.

All-in-all this was a great conference, local to the Valley with speakers from across the country, supporting business owners and marketing professionals across all platforms and industries. I look forward to seeing what the conference brings in 2018 with the ever evolving marketing trends.

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