Define Your Color

When people ask me what my favorite color is, it’s always hard for me to answer. I love so many colors because I see a purpose for all of them. 

When I paint, I only buy the primary colors and black and white. Every color in my paintings are mixed from those five tubes. Each color has a purpose and I find it so much easier to mix up what I envision than to try and match my colors to a pre-mixed tube. 

Although I love yellow and green, I don’t think we need to over saturate any one thing with just those two colors. 

In fact, if I had the opportunity to go back to college and take one more class it would be a class on color theory. Colors have a way of evoking certain feelings when you see them. Reds tend to be more aggressive but they can also make you feel hungrier or eat more. While blues and cool colors tend to have a calming effect.

When you’re starting your business and creating a brand, color has a big role to play. This is why most companies stick to the same or similar colors for their brand over time. Colors help a brand become easily recognizable.

It’s important to think about what your business is about, who you are and what your mission is. Not all formal businesses should use blue or all businesses targeting women should use pink but understanding color theory can help lead you down the right path for you and your specific business.

Color Cards

When I start a new project with a client I like to begin by looking at what color they might want for their business brand or logo but also look at what their favorite color is. This shows me what represents the client and helps me see past what they think they might want and find what they might actually like. Sometimes these colors are the same, sometimes they’re opposites on the color wheel (which actually compliment each other well) and sometimes they group into cool colors or warm colors. This is always a great foundation to narrowing down the perfect color combination for a brand.

Once we narrow things down and have a color direction then I open things back up. It’s a good idea to have about 5-6 color variations to represent your brand. When you’re creating the logo, you may just use 2 or 3 three colors but when you brand marketing material and create social media posts you will find yourself using different hues or complimentary colors to your main concept. I also include neutrals in my color variations so it’s not overwhelming and too busy. By selecting these additional colors at the start, you prevent yourself from using wrong colors or spending too much time finding a good color to use in the future.

Below is a brief color theory list for you to begin your color journey!

Red – Passion, aggression, danger and appetite excitement

Orange – Cheer, warmth and optimism playfulness, vibrance

Yellow – Warmth, creativity and energy cheer happiness

Green – Fresh, natural, and healthy growth

Blue – Peace, serenity, trust and religion reliability

Purple – Luxury, imagination and playfulness royalty spirituality dignity

White – Purity, simplicity, virtue and innocence clean youthful

Black – Authority, power, wealth and sophistication elegant mystery

If you would like help defining your color and creating a brand for your business reach out to me, I would love to help you on your journey!

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