Cub Scout Achievements

I remember the day the flyer came home from school for our first ever Cub Scout meeting. I hung onto that flyer and placed it on the fridge so we wouldn’t forget to go. Showing up for our first meeting all of the “Tigers” were so timid and shy and no one wanted to talk to anyone much less become leaders. They were all so adorable in their little uniforms stumbling through the meetings and team building exercises. Now four years later my son is a Webelo II and only has a couple of months left of Cub Scouts. It’s amazing to see how much all of these kids have grown over the past couple of years, how much they have come out of their shells and what awesome examples they have become for their younger peers.

Drew had his advancement ceremony on Monday in the park near our house, he has already earned 7 pins and one of the Scout Masters even came up and gave him something to shoot for, the youngest Eagle Scout in our troop was 13 years old when he got that title, he believes Drew could also hit that goal. Love that others see the potential in him, hopefully he can see it too!


After the ceremony we went for a walk where my little Scout was being an awesome big brother to our youngest Scout in training!


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