How to Create Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics

You may not always want to stand out in a crowd, however, if you’re in the social media world that is exactly what you’re trying to do and it’s not always easy. One way to help you stand out is to create social media graphics that are quick and to the point.

I love design and visuals, either beautifully done or terribly wrong, always catch my eye. Here’s my short list of tips to help you create the perfect, persuasive graphics for your message.

1. Keep it light and airy

Graphics that are simple and light are the easiest on your eye and easy for you to process. White backgrounds are often used when creating these graphics or even when taking product shots for online stores since it’s easy on the eyes.

You want to stay away from imagery with too many details or one’s that are too dark. These make it hard to focus and confusing.

Don’t feel like you must use an entire image either. Whether it’s a photo you took or a stock image you purchased, make sure it has the look you desire. Feel free to zoom in, crop and don’t forget about filters if your image is slightly off. Filters make it easy to correct the exposure on an image or if you need to give it a little bit of a pop boost the saturation levels. I love using Photoshop for the majority of my images but if you’re not a designer there are still plenty of free apps out there to use. One of my favorites if I’m crunched for time is Canva. Canva allows you to edit and overlay text and shapes. My other favorite part of Canva is that you can easily create infographics through their software. We’ll cover the importance of infographics in a future article.

2. A picture says a thousand words

Use beautiful images that corresponds to the message you’re trying to portray. By choosing images that are crisp, clear and well lit you’ll catch the readers’ eye. This carefully chosen image or photo must be able to convey the meaning of your message otherwise you’ll leave the reader confused.

If you choose a photo of a mountain you’ll want to make sure your title and article have to do with mountain climbing or even an inspirational story but you wouldn’t want it to be about choosing the right paint color for your living room.  That would leave the reader scratching their head.

3. Be font-astic!

Corny I know! But seriously, once you have your image and you know what your message and story are going to be about you’re ready to pick your font. You want to make sure your social media graphics are easy to read and the right font can do this.

Fonts are one of my favorite things but they can also be a little daunting when you see how many options are available. I love using if I can’t find just the right font in my library. You can find many free fonts on this site and they also have them categorized by script, gothic, fancy and more to help you narrow down your search.

By choosing the proper font style, weight and color you’ll guarantee that your graphic will be easy to read.

4. One key point

As humans we tend to retain one key point from any given speech or conference. You want to keep this idea in mind when creating your imagery and make sure you have a single point that strongly conveys your message and creates a call to action like clicking the image to read more.

Some ideas to keep in mind for this would be:

–          Offer a solution

–          Offer an answer to a problem

–          Teach “How-to” do something

–          Tell a relatable or inspirational story

5. Spell out the benefits

People typically fall into one of three categories when making a purchase:

–          Satisfy a basic need – food, clothing or shelter

–          Problem solving – what’s their concern, challenge or problem

–          Trying to better themselves – better body, life or finances

Once you figure out which category your topic falls into you can then spell out the benefits of what you’re offering. People don’t care so much about the actual features they need you to expand on this and tell them why they need it and how they could use it in their daily life. How does what you’re offering solve one of the above category problems?

6. Brand it

You’ve come this far so you better make sure this image is reflecting you and this doesn’t just mean slapping your logo on it.

I’m sure you’ve spent many hours creating your blog and website. You decided what colors were going to represent you and the type of images that you would place on your site. You spent hours going over the layout and key points that you wanted people to see when visiting your page now make sure this new social media graphic also connects the dots back to you.

You want something that people will see and think of you right away. The more you do this the more you will gain brand awareness and will become a memorable piece in people’s minds. When people think of your industry whether you’re a designer, like me, a financial company or a construction company you want to be front of mind.

Go ahead and have fun, create social media graphics that are bright and airy. They won’t just get your point across but will also get your clients to follow through on your call to action. Share your results below, I would love to see what you come up with!


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