I think everything is starting to sink in for me, things are going to be changing, my normal schedule is going to get flipped upside down but all of this change will be good and I will get a new schedule and routine down. Keeping myself on that schedule I’m sure will take a little time to get used to  and I may need to make a few adjustments but I love challenges! I have my little assistant ready to help with whatever tasks I need!


At least he looks like he knows what he’s doing 🙂

Cannot wait to start setting things into place, I think the anticipation is the hardest part!

I also realized this weekend that I got away from my Monday updates of my baby napping with his animals! As I was walking through the room looking at how cute they are together I realized that I needed to take a pic! Look how big my little monster is getting 🙂 Time really flies!!


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