• 3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Brand

    It’s a new year and a great time to take a look at your brand and make sure it’s who you want to be and who your clients expect you to be.

    Sustainability within a brand is something that consumers have slowly been seeking out. Since COVID-19 and the slow economic recovery many consumers have grown increasingly conscious of their favorite brands stance from a social and environmental standpoint.

    Understanding where you stand from a business perspective and where your target audience sees you, will help you create a clear and cohesive brand image in the coming year.

    Many businesses had to pivot last year to continue their growth an although change can bring its share of problems it’s important to stay adaptable. Below are a few things your business can do to remain strong in 2021.

    Tailor your brand message

    First you have to understand your audience, who is buying your products or services? 

    This group could vary and you may need to make a couple different branding messages to send out and this could vary depending on the platform that you send it out to. Your Facebook audience is or can be very different from your Instagram audience and your email list may include parts of both groups and additional members. 

    Speak to the audience you’re delivering to and don’t lump them all together. It’s important that they form a connection with your brand. Sustainability might be a very sensitive subject to them, make sure you provide them the assurance they’re seeking.

    Not all issues are created the same

    Consumers are very aware of social and environmental issues plaguing us right now. Depending on your industry, consumers are looking for recycled materials, no harmful chemicals, reusable packaging. Consumers also like to know how you give back to the world, are you planting trees, helping within your local community?

    If your business is on a national or even world-wide level you’ll also want to take notice to each geographic location. Each area may require slightly different branding messages. Do your research, it will pay off in the long run.

    Be transparent

    We know these issues are top of mind for many of our clients, don’t make them search for the answers. 

    When I think of a company that is doing this well, Chipotle comes to mind. During the month of December I received a couple different emails telling me just how they’re giving back, how they use recycled goods, how many people and countries they have helped. They told me where they source their food from and how good it is for me. 

    They didn’t have to do this, they didn’t have to email all of their subscribers and members to tell them but they knew how important it is to their members. All of this helped with their transparency. It served as a friendly reminder why we continue to eat their and choose their fast casual restaurant over others.

    Make a difference

    Now is the time to take action, the sustainability movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so the sooner you embrace it the better off your business will be. Start taking notes of what your business is currently doing and what it might be able to do better. Then share that news with your clients, whether it be via email like Chipotle, through social media or even create a blog post.

  • 6 Easy Ways To Market Your Business

    Let’s face it, when you start your business you may not have the most time or money to get off of the ground but you have a vision that drives you forward.

    As time goes by, you’re paddling your way through, making ripples in the water. You’re probably looking for ways to grow your business and create awareness for your amazing new services or products. But let’s face it sometimes the revenue isn’t there when you’re just starting out. Here are a few things that you can do to help market your business on a shoestring. As you grow you may find that you want to outsource some of these concepts as they may become time consuming yet still a necessity.

    Social Media Marketing

    There is a fine line between love and hate when it comes to social media. We love how easy it is to access and create a post. It’s a quick way to reach the masses and we love seeing the instant engagement and feedback, as well as, new followers that may come but let’s face it, you can quickly find yourself going down the rabbit hole.

    Social media can be very time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Know your target audience and choose the top social platforms to reach your specific audience. Create value-driven posts that educate and inspire your audience. Build a community around your brand. An easy way to do this is to utilize social media planning software that makes it easy for you to create your posts ahead of time and schedule them to go out when you know your audience is scrolling. This also helps prevent you from getting distracted. Now when you actually log onto the social platforms you can focus on engaging with your users.


    I know, people say blogging is dead but in fact they couldn’t be more wrong. Creating a blog provides an information source for your users to seek you out and read what is going on within your industry or your business.

    If writing isn’t for you a vlog works just as well. Video is the wave of the future and it can be highly beneficial for your business.

    Keeping your blog or vlog updated consistently also helps with the SEO of your website and shows search engines that your website is fresh and current.

    If the opportunity presents itself submit guest blog posts. Not only can your reach a new audience but you can also get backlinks to your website, it’s a win-win!


    Creating a freebie that offers value is key. Potential clients often like to see what you have to offer before spending time or money but they’re often willing to give you their email address in exchange.

    Here are a few effective freebies you could offer:

    • Ebook
      Downloads and Printables such as worksheets and checklists
      Discount Codes
      Free E-course
  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing pairs well with the freebies because when you offer your freebie and get their email address in exchange you can create your leads list. This list can be used to send the freebie information and then transition into a drip marketing campaign where you offer more value driven pieces for free. Every now and then you can slide in a small sales pitch for a course you’re offering or a service when you’re looking for new clients.

    Email marketing is also a good way to collect contact information for your clients and potential clients. We’ve all heard it before, social media is rented space. You can’t rely on your social media platform being there tomorrow and they can often shut down without notice. You may have a 5k followers on Instagram but if they shut down tomorrow you could lose all of those followers and they’ll have no way to get in touch with you. If you already have their email addresses you can send them a quick email to let them know you’re still there and the best way to follow along in the future.


    It can feel like you’re in a boat all by yourself floating out to sea when you’re launching your business and trying to figure out this marketing game but good news, you’re not!

    Opportunities to collaborate are all around if you look for them. Seek out people that are in a similar industry or who could benefit from what you have to offer. Once you make a connection you can plan to either offer a bundled service or product, even a course or a discounted service your new partners audience.

    Collaborating benefits both parties if done correctly by reaching new audiences and getting new leads you may not have otherwise received.

    Word of mouth

    The best form of sales for me has been word of mouth. Everyone would rather trust their friend or relative over a magazine ad or commercial. Their word offers so much more weight and can truly make the difference.

    Even if you don’t make the sale, something happens and they decide to go in a different direction. That person will still appreciate you and they’ll probably refer you to their friends. You may even want to set up a referral program with incentive for your clients.

    Yes, these tips may take a little time and creativity to get going but they’re fairly simple and have little to no cost behind them. If you’re interested in learning more or if you’re ready to hire someone to help you with these tips contact me today!

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