Busy, busy weekend!

Oh my goodness, all I can say is I’m glad last week is over! I already felt like I was a chicken with her head cut off then my baby gets strep throat and all of my million other tasks got thrown onto the back burner. Poor thing felt terrible and the worst part is that he’s just starting to talk and can’t fully communicate what’s wrong or what he wants. Let’s just say there was a lot of cuddle time, a lot of carrying him on my hip, a lot of whining and crying and camp out nights of just the two of us on the living room floor. After being on antibiotics for over 24 hours I thought he would be showing signs of recovery by Friday night but that seemed to be the worst of it, a temp of 103.5 really made us worry and started googling when does a child fever become an emergency room situation?!?! Thankfully it didn’t come to that but scary none the less.

By Saturday afternoon he was starting to feel better and made my heart melt a little when I was trying to clean up my drafting table and he found part of my new fall collection for kids…I think he claimed this pair of arm warmers! He’s been in a kissing phase and all of his toys kiss each other…I think he learned that at school! 🙂 But here are the owls going in for a kiss!

Love his kissy face!

Love his kissy face!

Owls were going in for kisses!! <3

Owls were going in for kisses!! <3

Sorry for the lack of posts but I kinda dropped everything for my baby! 🙂

A handful of things did help make the stressful times a little easier to manage, to help calm myself at night after he’s fallen asleep I would work on a custom portrait that someone ordered for Father’s Day. I think it’s coming along quite nicely, practically done just needed a few highlights and details.



Our garden is also in and taking off quite nicely, we have many new sprouts popping up. I think the entire family loves getting out in the garden every day to see what changes have been made!


And I think the highlight of the weekend (besides Ethan not being sick anymore) would have to be that our 10 year old FINALLY learned to ride his bike!!! He’s been so against it and afraid of falling that it has seriously taken this long. We were all so proud of him!!


I think that wraps up my weekend, thank goodness it’s Monday again!! 🙂

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